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Access a variety of curriculum resources, including lesson plans and worksheets, to support you to embed LGBT Inclusive Education Learning Themes across your curriculum. Some of the resources hosted here have a large file size – please allow time for your download to complete. You are encouraged to adapt resources to complement your own curriculum context.

Lesson Plans and Teaching Packs

Scots Poetry Collection

Poems, Worksheets, and Teachers’ Notes included.


Level: Second


Role Models

This lesson plan will support you to highlight diverse role models and explore the fact that role models, like everyone, have more in common than that which divides them. In this lesson, learners will be comparing and contrasting role models from different communities, including LGBT, but from similar fields or professions. Learners will be able to develop literacy skills in finding and sorting information, presenting information purposefully and reading with purpose.


Powerpoint, Lesson Notes, and Worksheets included.


Level: Second


Equality & Inclusion: Learning and Teaching

These learning and teaching resources from the Scottish Catholic Education Service will help teachers in primary schools to explore issues of equality and inclusion and will support primary schools to put into practice policies that seek to ensure the safety and inclusion of all pupils.


These resources cover general themes across learning, including:

  • Prejudice in the history of humanity
  • Hates crimes and their impact
  • Cyber bullying

Powerpoints and Teaching Notes are included.


Levels: Early to Second

STEM Learning Pathway

This resource from Dynamic Earth supports teachers to explore the lives and works of LGBTQ+ scientists from the past and present, introducing learners to diverse representation and to the idea that anyone can be a scientist.


This resource encourages learners to think about scientists and who can engage with science. It encourages them to see STEM subjects as something everyone can engage with and enjoy.


This resource complements Health and Wellbeing and Sciences, but is also applicable for Social Studies and Languages.


Learning Pathway features videos and worksheets.


Level: Second

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Book and Media Reviews

Primary Book Reviews

Level: Early Years to Second Level


Primary Media Reviews


Early Years Book Reviews



Numeracy and Mathematics Worksheets

This resource includes a series of worksheets for Numeracy and Mathematics, providing several inclusive examples to routine learning in areas such as money and budgets; time; and word problems.


Curriculum for Excellence links are detailed. Teachers are encouraged to adapt example resources to complement their own learning context.


Level: First and Second



What Is Discrimination? Learning Activity

This resource is a learning activity for young people, which aims to improve their understanding of what discrimination is and how it can impact others. Curriculum for Excellence links are detailed.


Level: Second